Free Software

I am a linux user and firmly believe and open source software. I really enjoy reading articles by Richard Stallman. They almost sound like a sermon from an old Baptist preacher! I would like to go and listen to him speak one of these days but that might ruin the image I have of him. Keep up the good fight!

BBC NEWS | Technology | It’s not the Gates, it’s the bars


3 responses to “Free Software

  1. Hi Jeff

    I’m a windows user but also believe in open soure software

    However, my view is that how you release your software is down to the developer.

    Coca-Cola don’t release the recipe for their drinks do they?

  2. Andy,

    Thanks for the comment (your my first on this blog!). Yes, I would have to agree with you that the developer should have the final say on how their creation is delivered. I am not a die hard “us or them” kind of guy but just prefer open source and the linux operating system. There is a difference between open source and free software.

  3. That’s ok Jeff

    The Stallman article compelled me to comment. I’m cool with someone having an opinon. I just felt the way he made his point was a bit off the mark

    I appreciate there is a difference between free and open source but felt for the purposes of commenting on Stallman’s article they were one and the same

    Keep up the blogging!

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