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Sounds from Space

I finally did it.  I finally worked another Ham operator though a Satellite.  Actually, 2 stations in Ohio, 1 in Jew Jersey, and 1 in Massachusetts.  It was very exciting! 

I was able to achieve this with loan of an Arrow antenna from a friend of mine.  I was using my old Yaesu FT-726r and manually adjusting for Doppler effect and pointing the antenna.  I also had to take notes and use the microphone.  If I had about 4 hands things would have been much easier.  There is something to be said for computer control.

The two satellites that I worked though are AMSAT-OSCAR 51 (AO-51 or Echo) and Saudi-OSCAR 50 (SO-50)  They just happend to be coming at each other in opposite directions so that I could work AO-51 from South to North and then pick up SO-50 from North to South.  They were both low angle passes to the East out over the Atlantic.

The Arrow Antenna was great!  SO-50 only has a 250mW transmitter and The downlink was very clear all the way through the pass.  The Arrow really pulled it in.

AO-51 and SO-50 are microsats.  They are only a 25mm cubes.  They tumble as they rotate around the Earth.  They are amazing little repeaters in the sky.

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