Tour De Cure 2009!

Team Madison participated in the Hampton Roads Tour de Cure 2009 this Saturday.  We had 3 riders and raised $1248.00 for Diabetes Research!

My 2 Daughters rode the 10 mile family fun ride and I did the 100 mile century ride.  This was my first century ride and did I ever learn a lot!  My bike was too heavily loaded and I did not start training early enough.  The guy at the bike shop was right when he told me there was a big difference between the 30 miles I did last year and the 100 I did this year.  My time was 10 hours!  I crossed the finish line 1 hour after the course was closed.

The hardest part of the route was the 20 miles between rest stop 3 and the half way point.  I seriously started to doubt that I would actually finish.  I kept pushing on and was making all the minimum times to stay on the 100 mile course.  On the last leg, a SAG motorcycle pulled up next to me.  I was expecting them to tell me that I had to stop but all he asked was my rider number and them proceeded on.

My bike was outfitted with a 2 meter twin lead J-pole antenna.  It was good to listen to the hams over the entire course.  I would stop and talk with them at the rest stops.  I also had an Etrex Legend GPS unit on the handle bar to make sure that I stayed on the course.  Next year I don’t think I will carry the tires, tubes (well, maybe the tubes), and all the tools that I had.  I could have totally dissassembled the bike with what I had onboard.  I was ready for any emergency.  I guess I just over engineered the process. 

My GPS unit when dead about 5 miles from the finish.  I did have some fresh batteries but at that point I knew I was close to the finish and did not want to stop.  I was hoping that they had at least kept the signs up.  I almost missed the second to the last turn because there were no signs but I saw the paint on the road and made the turn.

All in all it was a good day.  I am looking forward to next year and hoping our team will be bigger and we can raise more money.  I really appreciate the support we received and look forward to continuing that next year.


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