Welcome to Earth day 2009!

39 years ago some people got together to protest
environmental issues.  What an impact they had!


Growing up in Maine, the environment was always a topic of conversation.  There were many battles between conservationist and industry.  I believe they have achieved a good balance. 

This morning started with a rain shower.  I guess Mother Earth was cleansing the area for the day.  It amazes me that, as much crap as we throw at her, she just keeps on churning along.  I believe that nature has time on her side.  No matter what we do, she will bounce back eventually.  This process was happening billions of
years before man and no doubt that it will be happening billions of years after we parish of the face of the planet.  I hate to sound morbid but it is the cycle of life.

I started the day driving my SUV to work vice the “Rocket” (My 3 cylinder 1993 Ford Festiva)  Which was not too green on my part.  The Rocket is my commuter car that gets 40 mpg and proves that you don’t need to fit in with the “Starbuck/Mac/Prius” types to do your part. 

There were a lot of jokes that floated around the office about the Rocket until Gas reached $4.00 a gallon.  I had hopes that there would be new designs in drive trains and alternative fuels would become main stream but as gasoline prices tumbled, so did the excitement of alternative energy.  We have hybrids in the market but I think hybrids are a lot of hype and marketing (I am still wondering what we are going to do with all those batteries!).

I challenge everyone to do something for the environment today.  Whether it is cleaning up a wetlands area or just promoting awareness among your coworkers.  Don’t just sit there, do something!

Love her!  One Planet, All People!
(Borrowed from the Earthworks T-Shirt that I am wearing today) 


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