Pickling Peppers

With the last of my harvest picked, I thought I would try pickling instead of my usual freezing.  With a recipe from the internet and some of my Mother’s wisdom, I was off and running.  This was not my first adventure with “kitchen microbiology”.  I have successfully brewed beer and cooked my own yogurt.

First, you must start out with clean equipment!


Then, you must sterilize it!  We don’t want anything to ruin the flavor.  Keep your water at least 180 degrees but do not boil!


Then it was off to wash the last of my peppers and gather my ingredients.


With my jars sterilizing and my water bath warming, I sliced up my peppers and started cooking the brine.


Once the brine is boiling, it is time to pack the jars.  I used a canning funnel to fill them and then poured the boiling brine over them.  I used a butter knife to get all the air out and then tightened down the lid.


Once the lids were on, it was time for the water bath.  I did underestimate how many jars I was going to need.  I used my small pressure cooker for the first two jars.  My second batch I use a big stock pot.  Much easier!


After 10 minutes in the boiling water, it was time to take them out and let them cool.


I processed 3 batches total which, had I started with the big stock pot, would have only been two.  Here is a picture of my finished product.


I really learned a lot about the process and I am glad that I started small.  Next year I plan to pickle and can more now that I have the process down.  I see now why my Mother enjoys this and I am certain that I will be consulting her wisdom next year.


6 responses to “Pickling Peppers

  1. Bernadette Williams

    Very nicely done. I am very proud of you.

  2. Looks good.

  3. Buster The Great

    I think i could almost do this. How long do they have to hang out before they are ready to eat?
    Good job

  4. Gordon The Greatest

    Looks great, too bad i dont like jalapenos!

  5. Ellen Hatch Eaton

    This is so cool, gotta tell your cousin bruce about this as he was looking for a pickle recipe awhile ago…. I see beth found you on fb…

    • I hope he likes it. Mine came out pretty good. Was not sure with adding the olive oil but it isn’t bad.

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