Monthly Archives: May 2011


The rain is really hampering my camper restoration project. I had to take a day off of work last week to get the top finished and back on the camper. Once I get it complete, I will post pictures showing the start to finish process.

I will say that I learned a lot about the inner workings of a popup camper. Bagging and labeling all the parts really helped in putting the top back together. The only hard part of the process is finding replacement parts. The camper is a 1986 model and finding trim parts is quite difficult. I still have not found replacement corner caps and will probably have to make those. Time to get some ABS and a heat gun!

Should have it completed by the end of next week. My deadline of memorial day still looms over me. Thanks to the popup portal ( ) for all the hints and published experience that made this project a little easier.


Camper water damage

Well, my camper sat unused all winter. When I opened it up, guess what I found? Water damage! A leak developed around the AC unit and damaged a lot of the roof and side rails.

I started repairs today thinking that I could do it with the roof still attached. Well, that proved to be impossible so tomorrow the roof comes off. I am hoping the weather will cooperate as I do not have a garage to do the repairs. Will post some pictures when I get it complete.

Also, I am trying out a blogging program called Drivel. Seems to be working fine but I will know when I post this. Stay tuned……