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Upgrading the Acer Aspire One Operating System

OK, I took the plunge today and removed linpus lite in favor of Sidux.  Being a long time Debian user, it was a natural fit.  Everything worked after the install but required a little tweaking after upgrading the Distribution.  Sidux is based on the Sid repository of Debian.  The unstable branch.  Definately not for the first time linux user.  I believe Fedora Core 10 will run on the AAO too which will feel more like linpus.  

Well, this entry wouldn’t be complete without a screenshot so here it is:


A carry case for the Acer Aspire One

I found this buried in the Acer Aspire One forums.  My Acer box was becoming tattered so I went on the hunt for a carry case.  I soon realized that a laptop case would be over kill and checked to the forums to see what everyone else was using.  I stumble upon a post that said the Acer Aspire One would fit in a Targus Portable DVD player case!  Off I went to the local wally world and picked one up.  It fits like a glove!

More on the Acer

This is turning out to be quite a machine.  I have added three more ham apps to the list.  I installed Qtel (Echolink), QSSTV (SSTV), and Xastir (APRS).  The only program that has been giving me fits is TLF (Contest Logging).  That should only be a matter of time though.  I have also installed other things like Firefox 3, Gtkpod (Ipod), and Gpodder (Podcasts).  I am surprised at all the complaining in the forums but I am assuming that those are coming from people who are either not familiar with linux or do not want to take the time to learn it.  I am sure I will have more later.  Here are more screenshots!

Acer Aspire One Memory Upgrade

In case anyone was wondering what you have to do to upgrade the memory in one of these machines, here is a look.  It wasn’t too bad.  The hardest part was plugging the keyboard back in (you need really nimble fingers!).  I am now at 1.5 GB!  Enjoy.

Hamming on a Netbook

OK, I have a new computer.  It is an Acer Aspire One net book.  I picked it up off of craigslist for a song!

The first thing I did was undo the “Noob” mode to make it more usable.  After that, I took thing apart and added a 1 GB memory module.  It is a nice, speedy, usable machine!

Here are some screenshots for you.  Will add more later on.